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Friday, July 9, 2010

Poem : Run Away

You ran away from me’
It was only honey bee
You were so scared
You were afraid and not dared

Why did you flee the scene?
You were never desperately seen?
You used to be bold and brave
Why did you run for cover to save?

Was it your defeated tendency?
Will you carry on with same frequency?
It has generated a great concern
It is to be proved wrong in turn

I can’t remain with disloyal
My partner should be brave and royal
You were on running spree
How can I assure self and feel free?

There was no such danger
You had no fever or anger
Neither were you suffering from fever
Nor you had feeling of hunger

It was quite amusing to witness
I couldn’t find your trace
You tried very hard to save the face
It was only peculiar case

You couldn’t reason it out
You were down in my eyes and I shut
Never to look at you and offer yes
For you it may naturally be bad phase

You may offer many reasons
It proved you as coward person
You did not last in very good season
The out come was not good and unforeseen

I had caught a hand of reliable friend
You proved otherwise at the end
It spoke of naked fact
You were not reliable in fact

A person can’t be relied upon
Who is unable to face it in open?
What can be ultimate fate and result?
It is pure humiliation and insult

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